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“Come With Specialized Industry Knowledge” Says a Career Coach to Freshers

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harveen singh

Most of you have been to a college or are still studying. Sooner or later, you will actively look for jobs. Before a campus placement, as a candidate you would like to decipher what recruiters are looking for. Questions like ‘What questions will they ask?’ or ‘What skills do they want?’ or ‘Will they hire me or not?’ will trouble you for sure. While you apply for that first job, you must prepare well enough to outperform other candidates around you. Easier said than done. The good news is, we understand your problem.

We want to guide you through most commonly asked interview questions. We would also like to sensitize you about the skills you require to ace an interview at a given company. In this series, you will find some golden words of advice – right from the horse’s mouth, to help you get started.

The first video of our ‘Learn from Leaders’ series collates all the appropriate answers to help you. A well-known Leadership and Executive Search Coach, Harveen Singh Bedi, who is currently spearheading Quadrangle for Info Edge, unveils what skills he and alike recruiters actually see, while hiring a fresh graduate.

He also recalls his campus placement days and shares some fears, followed by how you should ideally prepare today. Get answers to all your questions and much more. Pave the way to figure out your potential and interest.

About the Leader:

Harveen Singh Bedi is a Coach, trained on proven scientific methodologies developed by Erickson International ( a global Coaching training organization which has over 30 years of Coach training success across 27+ countries accredited by ICF (

He comes with over 22+ years of varied experience. Harveen started his career with Nestle India Ltd. where he worked for 7 years across Sales, Sales promotion, Distribution management, Marketing, and Brand Management. He moved to Info Edge India Ltd in 2002, as DGM Sales for expansion of services to new markets. He has been working with this organization for more than 15 years and has headed various Recruitment businesses like Quadrangle BPO Hiring, Naukri Fast Forward Services, Naukri e-Hire Shortlisting Service, Quadrangle Recruitment solutions, Leadership hiring, Quadrangle Executive Search. He is now a Leadership, Career and Life Coach.

5.00 avg. rating (95% score) - 2 votes