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Cognizant Technology Solutions Process Executive placement experience

5.00 avg. rating (91% score) - 1 vote


Your Name : Oiendrila Chatterjee

Company Name for which you applied : Cognizant Technology Solutions

Final result : I got selected in this company

 Job Profile : Process executive

 Package Offered : Rs. 180000/-

 Number of rounds : 4

 Date on which drive was conducted : 05-09-16

 Place where drive was conducted : Unitech building

 Your email id:

 Please give detailed description of each Round,  overall experience & Strategy you followed for each round and any other information or tips you think will help future candidates.

For fresher always the first question is about yourself, and then is all about what is you qualification like as I am graduate so the question was about golden rules, abnormal loss etc., in short they want to know your basic knowledge about which you have qualified and this type of question is  for technical round, and please before you go for any interview at least go through about the company once, one another mostly important thing is show your confidence always that you know the answer but not over confidence, they basically judge by your confidence level and obviously communication skill.

For fresher these all are enough I think.

5.00 avg. rating (91% score) - 1 vote