Cognizant software developer placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Feb 08, 2016

Company: Cognizant

Profile: Software Developer

Salary: 3.25 LPA

Interview Date: Sep 2015

Name: Sameer

I wasn’t selected. There were three rounds of interview.

It was the first job interview of my life. My interview duration was 25 minutes. Firstly interviewer asked questions regarding the projects I have mentioned in my resume. And then he started asking questions from c, SQL and Database. Then he started questions from Java. Normally interviews of mass recruiters does not include that much of hardcore questions.

Round 1 : First round was aptitude test which was quite easy to clear. It contained questions of Quantitative, verbal and Logical Reasoning. Time was little short but level of questions were easy.

Round 2: Second round was technical interview round which was going quite well while the interviewer was asking questions of C, SQL and database. But as soon as he turned his questions towards java, my interview starting moving down slope and finally I was not selected for further HR round.

Overall Experience : My experience was quite depressing as I had a lot of hopes with this company. But afterwards I worked on my weaknesses and started preparing for the topics in which I was lacking. Strategy I followed for the aptitude round is time management and accuracy and for the interview round, first of all i improved my communication skills and then brushed up my technical knowledge.

Tips to follow while appearing for each round or company : First of all aspirant should a master in clearing aptitude tests since I have seen a lot of people whose technical knowledge is far better but they were not able to reach the technical interview.

Key skills tested in the process: Technical

Your motivation for applying: New experiences and Travelling to different work places all around the world.

Funny/ best / weird / thrilling moments during the process: Thrilling moment is waiting for the result.


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