Clixlogix Technologies Pvt Ltd NodeJS Developer placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Dec 19, 2017

Name:  Md Noorul Nabi Ansari

Company: Clixlogix Technologies Pvt Ltd

Profile: NodeJS Developer

 Recently I gave an interview for the developer position. The position was open for NodeJS development. I was on time. Interviewer called me in the interview room. The interviewer had over ten years of experience and later I came to know he was IITian. I greeted him saying “Hello Sir”. After looking at me he complimented that my hairstyle is good. The conversation was like something below.

Interviewer: So tell me Noor about your projects in the current company.

Me: ( I told him pretty much about  my project and what was my responsibility in the project. I told him what issues I faced and how I handled them)

Interviewer: How many lines of code have you written so far?

Me: I have written pretty much lines of code ranging between 5000-8000.

Interviewer: This much lines of code are not too much man.

Me: But sir, all those lines of code are the quality code they are not gonna break my system as I have put my whole intelligence creating them.

Interviewer: What do you think is the difference between “hard worker” and “smart worker”?

Me: People who analyzes the things are “Smart Worker” and who don’t are “Hard Worker”.

Interviewer: According to you this is the only difference between ‘hard worker’ and ‘smart worker’.

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: When in your life have you failed miserably?

Me: Never.

Interviewer: Then you are useless for me. Do you understand the worth of failing?

Me: Yes sir I do understand the worth of failing. But do you want to say that failing is the last criteria for ability?. I never failed not because I did nothing wrong. It is because whenever I get into any tough situation or project I do ask from everybody near me that I have got into this situation/project and I have these solutions for this do you think I am failing to achieve any point. This is the reason behind my success.

Interviewer: Tell me five things about javascript which I don’t know.

Me: I can’t exactly say that you don’t know all those which I am going to tell.

(Java coding explained.)

This will break the code as when the callback will be executed the context of that callback is different from the current context and there is no any try-catch hence the error cannot be caught.

(The interviewer accepted that he did not know all these concepts).

Result: Selected.


  • Sometimes interviewer comes to you to take you to the interview room. Then people greet the interviewer after taking the seat although they should have already greeted the very first time.


  • When interviewer has already asked you that Mr. X tell me about yourself then don’t start with your name as the interviewer already knows your name.


  • When interviewer gives you any question to solve then speak loud whatever you are thinking to solve the question. This way sometimes interviewer may help you to solve the question if you are proceeding in the right direction. And above all even if you are not able to solve the problem but your approach was right then the interviewer may consider you a future potential developer as you never know which of your answers or approach can get you hired.


  • Always try to find some of the concepts of your programming language which seems to be quirky concepts. Always have some of the programming tricks which you have developed during coding. Always have some of the good points about your programming language which you like and which you don’t like.


  • Try to contribute to the open source community.


  • Try to solve as much programming questions as you can. Be well verse in data structure and algorithm design.

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