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The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted almost every industry. While many sectors have slowed down, there are others which are thriving on the back of technology innovations. Take a look at these emerging sectors that are reaching new heights every day and have no dearth of job opportunities for the aspiring professionals.


Edtech sector has seen a massive growth owing to the pandemic-driven lockdown with schools moving online and work from home culture. The sector is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, a majority of Edtech companies saw their long-term business goals achieved within six months. They are now geared up to cater to a diverse set of learning needs. With this, the EdTech ecosystem is expected to grow more and has already begun creating job opportunities across functional areas. There is a high demand for profiles like Academic Counsellors, Technical Architects, Software Engineers, Graphic Designers, Content Curators, Course Managers, etc. Fresher can definitely look forward to joining Edtech companies for highly rewarding career opportunities.


Another sector that has gained prominence lately is the healthtech. Healthtech players are scaling up exponentially, which necessitates development and upgradation of the online healthcare ecosystem. With a rising number of users and health enthusiasts, healthcare products and services have become a rage as well as the need of the hour. As the healthtech sector continues to evolve, more jobs are being created that need a combination of technical skills and medical expertise. Also the demand for talent; both freshers and experienced professionals, is at an all-time high and is projected to continue to rise.

Some top roles in demand are: UX/UI Developers, Data Engineers, Clinical Application Analysts, Medical Practitioners, and many more.


Fintech companies have emerged as a growth powerhouse, supporting the economy through investments and new jobs. Fintech’s role has become vital at a time when traditional payment systems have become outdated due to the pandemic. Not just that. The sector is not just limited to payments; it now encompasses everything from direct lending to investment banking. The online financial services world function mostly on the back of digital and cloud-based technologies. If you are a tech-savvy finance professional, then you can explore a great career opportunity in Fintech industry. Some popular roles in Fintech are: Financial Analysts, Product Managers, Cybersecurity Analysts and Compliance Experts. There is a high demand for Data Scientists, Data Engineers as well as Data Analysts. Its huge growth has made it one of the most sought-after industries to pursue a long term career.

These sectors will continue to witness a sustainable growth in future as well because of the ease and personalization they offer to the users with an additional benefit of anytime, anywhere access.

2.40 avg. rating (52% score) - 5 votes
2.40 avg. rating (52% score) - 5 votes

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