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interview tips

Interview Tips: Top Interview Tips for College Grads

/ 1,884 views / in Career Management by admin

Every year, lakhs of fresh graduates join the workforce. While a handful few freshers take time off to relax, travel and reflect on their academic accomplishments, majority of these youngsters …
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Interview tips

How To Give An Interview And Land Your First Job Offer

/ 4,589 views / in Career Management by admin

Image source: CNBC If you are keen to ace in your life’s first job interview, you are at the right place. We understand what you have been seeking. In order …
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work experience

How Can College Students Earn Work Experience

/ 1,614 views / in Career Management by FirstNaukri

As a college going under graduate, if you possess some previous work experience, you are more likely to land a job. You will have a greater chance of receiving job …
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What are the Benefits of Career Assessment Tests?

/ 7,074 views / in Career Management by FirstNaukri

Even after choosing an academic field, many students find themselves at crossroads as to what they want to do in their lives. Are you also one of them? It is …
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How to Prepare for an Effective Group Discussion ?

/ 5,127 views / in Career Management by FirstNaukri

To ace a campus placement drive, it is important to impress the recruiters with your strong personality, knowledge, and leadership skills. It is comparatively easier to stand out and give …
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