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Capgemini interview Experience

3.00 avg. rating (64% score) - 3 votes

Company: Capgemini
Interview Date: 25th September 2013
Profile: Technical
Name: Bhavesh

Key Skills Tested: Coding languages used in project and Mechanism of the project
There were 3 rounds:
Round 1(Aptitude): Well to begin with aptitude, I wasn’t prepared as I was still in a dilemma whether to go for further studies or to work in a MNC like Capgemini. So I thought to just appear the aptitude and let’s see what the result would be. To be frank, the Capgemini aptitude wasn’t easy as I had thought. But the most important thing was that there was sectional cutoff for the three sections: Verbal, Quants, Data Interpretation and even it had negative markings. So I attempted only those questions for which I was sure and came to a result. And the result was that even if you don’t attempt each question still you can sail the aptitude round if your attempted questions are correct.

Round 2(Group Discussion): Well after clearing aptitude, I thought let’s see till where can I get in this process. We all (a group of 10-12 students) assembled in a room to proceed with round 2 and were given a topic related to Education in India. The discussion was started by one of my classmates who rarely gave chance to speak others. And for a laconic guy like me I thought I won’t be able to pass this acid test. However, in the mid of discussion I somehow managed to speak a few of lines what I really felt was needed to reform the Indian Education. To my surprise, when someone from the other branch was concluding the discussion, my classmate who had started the discussion interpreted him and he himself took the command to end the discussion. This annoyed everyone including me. After the round got over, I thought to pack up my things and be ready to leave for the day and prayed that my classmate should get selected so that none of us have to face him again in any other company’s interview process. But to my awe, when the results were announced, he wasn’t selected and I was selected. I was quite puzzled since he spoke too much as compared to my few lines. So the important thing I came to know was that GD is not just about speaking, it’s also about following some etiquette while you speak in a group.
Round 3 (Technical): My technical round was conducted by a lady who had given a brief introduction about the company during the pre-placement seminar. So I greeted this lady by her name, so she was bit surprised that I could remember her name. She asked me how you in a crowd of 400 students could remember her name. I replied her that once I meet someone I can remember that person for a long time. So she complemented me that you have a good memory. So I presented my CV to her, looking at the CV she directly bombarded me with questions related to my project. I was very much confident and happy to answer those questions since we were most of the time focusing on our project itself. She tried to trick me by asking who does most of the work in the project. I replied her back with the truth that we all work equally (in fact together) so that the outcome of the project was perfect. So this was like merry go round. After this round, I was anticipating some positive result.
Round 4(HR): This round was all about questions related to myself, my family and why only Capgemini. So prepare some smart and true answers that you want to give.
So, “Be Cool, Believe in yourself and represent what you are.”

3.00 avg. rating (64% score) - 3 votes
3.00 avg. rating (64% score) - 3 votes

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