Top Business Analyst or Product Manager Resume Templates

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Is solving problems your forte? If you have a knack for suggesting changes for improvement in the business, you my friend are an upcoming Business Analyst. As an IT Business Analyst or Product Manager, you will be analyzing data, creating models, and using a bunch of technical tools on your first or next job. Your role in the company’s growth will be huge. So in your resume, you need to prove that you are capable of playing the part smartly.

For the starters, pen down the correct set of skills, responsibilities and other information about you in an up-to-date and neatly formatted resume. Learn how to go about it the right way with the pointers mentioned below.

How to write a Business Analyst resume

Go with a reverse chronological resume to highlight your impressive career trajectories and achievements in IT business analysis and product management. In case you are simply interested to highlight your analytical skills, try a combination resume format. Sort your IT analysis achievements into skill buckets because the recruiter won’t know if an achievement took place two years or nine years ago.

Different resume formats for freshers and tips to create them.

Sections to include in an IT Business Analyst or Product Manager resume

  • Header
  • Objective Statement
  • Work history
  • Technical and soft skills
  • Education

Correct way to draft a fresher resume in 2020 – 2021.

Header for Business Analyst / IT Analyst / Product Manager resume

The header of your business analyst resume has to look crisp to catch the recruiter’s eye!

VEENA SAHAY – Aspiring Functional Consultant / Product Manager / IT Analyst 
Contact No.: xxx
E-Mail: veena**
Professional Networking URL:
Date of Birth: 8th September, 19**
Languages: Spanish, English, Hindi

Customize your email and your other URLs to stand out from other applicants. This step will help you pass the scrutiny of a potential manager who understands the minutiae of your background in business analysis.

High-impact objective statement for IT business analyst resume

Career Summary
Aspiring Business Analyst with 2 years of internship experience. Achieved 15% savings in inventory purchases for a company during internship by optimizing existing warehouse operations. Also portrayed skills in deeply analyzing the company’s fast-moving products for best results.

A catchy Business Analyst or Product Manager resume summary must have tasks supported by measurable results. As you have guessed already, its always good to include numbers. No need to add jargon to your resume. Just give a context of your expertise followed by throwing some light on your core skills.

Top fresher level skills for business analysis and product management job roles

##Detailed reporting
##Latest performance tracking, goal & resource analysis
##Planning and monitoring performance or resources
##Analyzing variance
##Preparing workflow charts
##Identifying project requirements and scope
##Improving current system practices
##Doing predictive analysis
##Doing market trend analysis to identify growth opportunities

100+ skills to add in fresher resume!

Show your expertise in an area of interest like finance, technology, or healthcare. If you are good with numbers, talk about it. You can also talk about how you oversaw the implementation of your proposed solutions at a previous company. Once your skill list is sorted, you can show results on your Business Analyst resume in terms of:

  • %age of improved output
  • %age of productivity for operations
  • Increase in sales or revenue or traffic or any other metric for front line
  • Decrease in bouncers or lapses or refunds or cancellations
  • Decrease in surplus for supply chain operations or retail businesses
  • Decrease in bugs or customer complaints

Don’t forget to show off your soft skills. If the job description or job role is heavy on analysis and numbers, subtly put across the message that you are not a robot.

Academic section format for Business Analyst or IT Analyst position

Academic Qualifications
## MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), XYZ College, Delhi, Batch of 2017
## B.Com in Sales and Advertising, ABC College, Indore, Batch of 2014
## XII Commerce, 95%, DAV School, Bhopal, Batch of 2013

Add your degree, college’s name, and location. Also add academic achievements such as your Percentage or GPA, a Gold Medal or other awards if you are a fresh graduate.

Cracking the code of showing relevant work experience (for freshers)

Show project and internship experiences alongside relevant certifications on your IT business analyst resume. This trick can seriously kick-start your career.

Building a mobile application product with specific requirement to help students prepare for campus placements. Prepared a small prototype as both mobile application and a web application.

Also being a fresher, you still need to show an internship on your resume even if you’ve had some paid job experience. If your job experience is irrelevant for this product manager job opening, please do not mention it.

##Business Analyst (BA) Intern at XYZ Digital Delhi for ~10 weeks in 2019 summer. Worked in teams and directly with clients.
##Data Analytics Intern at ABC Corp. Gurgaon for ~4 weeks in 2019 summer. Undertook data visualization exercise by developing graphs and charts using Tableau and Power BI.

Add certifications relevant for a Business Analyst or Product Manager or IT Analyst job role. Below is a list of top certifications that are relevant for you to crack a job in this field.

## Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA)
## Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
## Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)
## Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst
## Project Management Professional (PMP)
## CompTIA Project+
## Certified Project Manager (IAPM)
## Master Project Manager (MPM) ®
## Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) ®
## Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) ®
## Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
## Certified Java SE8 Programmer

In order to do such a certification, you will have to spend some money. It will also take you some time to complete one or a few of them. Since you are straight out of college, you need one. Trust us, it will be a worthy investment. Such recognized certifications in the IT or non-IT Business Analysis and Project Management fields can definitely change the game for you.

What recruiters want to see in your Business Analyst or Product Manager resume

Here is a quick summary of what the recruiters are looking for in freshers like you. So start rewriting that resume of yours point wise.

  • Combination of skills in areas like software, analysis, frameworks, database and testing
  • Academic track record (preferably stellar)
  • Relevant certifications or degrees
  • A growth mindset
  • Knowledge for testing methodologies to implement new solutions
  • Soft skills to communicate with management and convince them about your proposals 

Just graduated from college and still haven’t landed an interview call? Get a job-winning business analyst resume created by a smart Resume Maker tool right now!

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