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Business Analyst Interview Experience at Runnr

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Company: Runnr

Profile: Business analyst

Salary: Pending

Place: Runnr Office

Number of rounds:  4

Result: I got selected in this company

I attended the Runnr placement interview at Runnr office itself. I applied for the same via during the placement season in 2017.

The Interview Rounds

I faced 3 rounds in this placement interview test. They were aptitude test, technical interview and last but not the least, an HR round.

What were the questions asked in the aptitude round of your Interview?

SQL & R test – The very first question focused on the application of SQL and R concepts.
Aptitude test – It consisted of a decent number of questions. These required me to apply my concepts of probability, Geometry, Time & distance etc.
Puzzle test – This section comprised of a puzzle round with some guesstimate problems. I would call it a small project.

How to prepare for the aptitude round ?

It is not rocket science. You can easily prepare for your aptitude round.

You should have some basic algorithmic understanding of SQL & R (You can refer W3school for SQL & Tutorial point for R related practice questions.)
Try to solve as many questions and test papers as possible. (Refer the Career Guidance Section on and the assessment test section for practice tests)
For puzzle & guesstimate, there are ‘N’ number of tutorials. Simply google for them and solve them. Try and remember that guesstimate round is all about estimating the correct answers with a hint of guessing.

What are the questions you faced in the puzzle round?

I faced the following questions in my puzzle round.

# 3 Probability puzzle
# 2 Logics puzzles
# A small case study

Describe the case study in detail

Problem Statement – Let’s say we are going to build a new feature called Driver Reservation for certain key merchants. This feature will let key merchants have ‘X’ number of drivers reserved for them within a particular time slot. During this time slot, they don’t get any orders from merchants except the merchants they are reserved for.

We need to do an impact analysis for this service. Meaning, we need to see how introducing this service will affect or improve our business. I have attached the raw data of 4th October’s orders for certain merchants. This is the info of what some of the columns from the raw data stand for.

Created at – order creation time
# Hour – order creation hour
# Complete at – order completion time
# Driver assigned at – time at which a driver was assigned to the order
# Shipped_at – order shipped from the merchant time
# Total amount – order amount
(Stockout_during_hour – Stock out for a merchant is defined as the number of times a merchant created an order on the Runnr platform @AND at least one driver was available)/(Number of times a merchant created an order on the Runnr platform )

List of insights wanted in order to use the raw data.
# Which merchant should be targeted for the service?
# Does it make sense to reserve drivers for the whole day for these particular merchants or only during specific hours?
# Should merchants who have high requirements of service be only considered? If yes, then which will those hours be?
# Assuming that we have a list of merchants now, what impact will the Driver Reservation Service have on the number of orders we receive from these merchants?
# We will need to design a new salary structure for the drivers opting for Reservation.
# What will be the parameters (salary components) you consider for the reserved drivers?
# As a B2B Ordering Platform, does it make sense to go for the Driver Reservation Model completely for all merchants or just stick to no reservation for any merchants or anything else in between?

I solved it by analyzing every problem statement in depth. The first two parts needed to be solved smoothly and the last two could be answered subjectively. That’s exactly how I approached it.

Special tricks to crack the puzzle and guesstimate rounds

Here are some tips I thought to share with you all about the puzzle and guesstimate rounds.

1. Be confident while approaching your puzzles & guesstimate questions
2. Be short and precise while framing your answer
3. Probability questions are difficult so take time while solving them. Some questions will seem regressive in nature, when you approach them.
4. Try to have a very clear idea about your profile and company
5. Always gather some post interview feedback to understand your mistakes well as well as improve further.

Tips to crack a placement interview at Runnr

Aptitude test

I was given 75 minutes to solve 60 questions. I attempted all of them as they spanned over total 3 rounds. First of all, I chose to solve all the easy questions. Once they were done, I moved on to solve the question that seemed lengthy. Since I had practiced enough and well, I pretty much came up with a solution to most of the questions.

Once these two sets of questions were Over, I moved onto to solve all the tough questions. In my entire paper, I figures out that there were 7 tough questions, and I was successfully able to solve only 2 of them. In the end, I tallied my sheet and noted that I had solved 47 Question out of 60.

In the aptitude round of your placement test, speed matters a lot.

Project evaluation – I was given one project to introduce new features in their service. By then I had already solved one case study related to this topic. This was a scope to solve a product related query. This needed to be done for services. I approached the problem with certain questions I already had in mind and also tried to figure the financial profit part. For every question, I was allowed to refer their website and compare their numbers with the competitors, especially the ones who had already faced such features. This obviously involves a lot of calculations thereby making it a very regressive approach.

Guesstimate and puzzle – In order to crack this round, I had to solve a lot of puzzles and guesstimate accordingly. While they kicked it off with a difficult puzzle, they basically needed a regressive calculation. Through these questions, they tried to check just the steps of my approach. Thereafter, they asked me simple as well as tricky questions. When they were gathering feedback, I was asked to check my thought process about the level of difficultly of the questions. I told that the idea is not give up and keep trying. In your guesstimate questions also, you might be asked extremely weird questions such as the number of flight tickets booked in a day, ration between moving and static vehicle in an hour etc.

Technical Round – They asked me several questions involving SQL joints. Some of them also had types of regressions in R. While they gave me small problems that needed multiple joins in SQL, I was unable to solve the same and accordingly suggested an approach. I did only one project in R on ‘Predictive Models’. They inquired all the detailed information related to this project, such as what library I had used, or how I predicted the model and how to conform its validity, etc.

HR Round – In this round, a person’s personal and past job experiences will be based on questions that will get asked later. Since, I had already done one Business Analyst internship, it was easy for me to pitch myself as a budding analyst. Further ahead, I gave a detailed answer about my abilities and projected myself as an interested candidate for their company. While answering about your past job experience, ensure that you make them count the impact you have made on the firms, that you worked for before and also about the experience you have gained from there.

Try to stay calm and always have faith in your abilities. Focus on your goal and you will surely come out with flying colors. All the best!

5.00 avg. rating (89% score) - 1 vote
5.00 avg. rating (89% score) - 1 vote

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