Brillio Interview Experience of a Software Engineer

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Posted by FirstNaukri Dec 31, 2019

Brillio Fresher Interview Summary

Name: Sachin Kumar Singh
Types of Rounds: Hackathon + Campus Interview
Company: Brillio Technologies
Position: Software Developer
Result: I got selected in Brillio Technologies
Package offered: 4.5 LPA + 4 Lakh ACE bonus
Rounds: 4
Date of Interview: 17/10/2019

My Brillio Technologies interview experience in detail

Round 1 at Brillio

The selection began with a Hackathon, conducted on a known assessment platform where they had 36 questions on aptitude which was quite easy, 3 moderate level coding questions and 1 SQL query for a given case. We were supposed to attend this exam from home. Approximately 1000 students participated in this test and out of them only 82 got selected for further rounds.

Round 2 at Brillio

The second round was a technical interview. In my Brillio interview experience, we were tested on technologies that we  work on. This round was conducted in our university campus. Every single candidate was being minutely observed.

Round 3 at Brillio

The third round of Brillio interview experience happened on the same day. Whatever points and technologies were mentioned in the first round or were present in our resume were queried deeply. The session was extremely long.

#Brillio Interview Tip: Please don’t lie at any instance in the first technical round or else you will face the music in your second round. Try to be as honest and truthful as possible.

Round 4 at Brillio

After these all round there was an HR round, which was again of more than 20 minutes and situation based questions were asked, which was not that difficult but needs a sharp and humorous answers, so expecting this round to be easy will be absolutely wrong. Questions are designed in such a way that the recruiters will simply explore you in 20 minutes.

Note: One thing which was common in all the rounds for a Brillio career was that, they were trying to make  comfortable and were getting friendly before starting to question. So getting nervous is not an excuse at all in this interview unless you are lying. If you lie, they will simply catch it and then their questions will make a mess of your interview.

Brillio Technologies clearly communicated all their needs from a Brillio Software Engineer in the pre-placement presentation. Brillio visited our campus to hire only quality candidates and they were not into quantity like other mass recruiters.

Best of luck to those who are about to appear for Brillio Software Engineer interview. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with huge technologies, be the best in whatever technology you know or skill you possess. Brush up your basics and practice well. Accordingly, apply your concepts.

And yes, I am one of the selected few candidates who got an offer letter from Brillio! 🙂 I am sure you can do it too! All the best!


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