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Branch Manager- Mahindra Finance

3.00 avg. rating (71% score) - 1 vote

Company: Mahindra Finance
Profile: Branch Manager

Interview was held on 2nd February 2015 in Birla Institute of Technology, Jaipur.

There were 5 rounds of Interview:

– Aptitude Test

-Group Discussion (2 rounds)

-Panel interview

-Technical Interview

-HR Interview.

HR head asked me to calculate dividend. Although it was tough, But, I tried and shared that calculation with each step orally but it’s almost next to impossible to calculate without calculator then I simply said him “I do not suppose here to calculate dividend because it is my subordinate work”

He smiled and after 50 minutes of interview I was in…  🙂

3.00 avg. rating (71% score) - 1 vote