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Bitwise Global GET placement experience

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Name:  Pranav Bhaskar Kanawade

Company That You Interviewed For: Bitwise Global

Role That You Interviewed For: GET



Resume: Yes  

Application Form:  Yes

Group Discussion: Yes

Written Test: Yes

Logical Test: Yes



On Application form they just want some basic details like Marks aggregate, school name & all.


Please mention your remarks on the Group Discussion process.  (Topic, Duration, No. of Members)

To crack GD round in Bitwise is very easy. Because they give chance to choose GD topic by yourself & on that you have to speak. H.R. was mainly focusing on how one communicate with group that’s all. To Crack G.D in Bitwise always try to speak more & relevant. After G.D. they just select two or three faces in the group of 10 or 15 & then they asked general questions like Are you able to work in shift? Why should I hire you? Etc. Sometime they also ask basic technical Questions like what is Hadoop? Difference between OOPs & procedure oriented Language?

 Please mention your remarks on the Written Test process.

Written Test was for only them who pass G.D. Round. This Written Test is not rejection round but, it was used while taking Technical Interview. In Written Test there were 3 Question one was for Coding, One was for Finding Errors & last One was for Query Writing. In Query writing difficulty level was not that much.

What question(s) did interviewer ask in the interview panel?

I am from Computer Science Background. They asked me so many Question on Logical basis only and I had to solve that question with very less time Complexity i.e. Solution must be optimistic.

What went right for you at different stages of the process?

At all stages except H.R. I was good. At that time I was able to solve all logical questions with less time complexity that made interviewer very happy.

What went wrong for you at different stages of the process?

In H.R. round I was not able to perform well. They asked me about higher studies I said yes for it so, I was rejected at that time. I was also not able to face technical questions because of that mistake in H.R. Round.

What question(s) did you ask the interview panel?

In the interview panel I asked only one question that what post I will get after I get placed in Bitwise Company?

Any suggestions/ dos & don’ts/ special preparation tips for your juniors:


  1. Try to Solve problem with consideration of time complexity.
  2. If you are not good in java then its okey but you have to at least clear your basics of OOP’s concept so you can easily face any question.
  3. Try to Solve Inner queries and study SQL wildcards usage.
  4. Understand Exception Handling Properly.


  1. If you crack Technical interview don’t consider that you can also crack easily H.R. round.
  2. Don’t tell about your higher studies plan.
2.00 avg. rating (62% score) - 1 vote