Better to be selected for what you are!

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Posted by FirstNaukri Oct 19, 2015

Company: Reliance Communications
Profile: Deputy Manager Sales
Salary: Not disclosed

There were three rounds of interviews- Skill Assessment, Personal Interview, and Personality Check.
The interview was not very difficult, but was the grilling one. I was evaluated on some important questions like: Apart from learning about previous experience and why I wanted to change jobs, the challenging question was when the interviewer said that there are jobs on my CV but no career path with any planning. How can you explain that? So I very confidently answered that I no longer make any plans and go with the flow to accept whatever comes my way.
In my opinion there are bound to be difficult questions. Some you may anticipate and some you may not. Whatever you can anticipate, prepare thoroughly for them keeping in mind how to support cross questions and details on CV. What you can’t anticipate, don’t get worried. Speak slowly and speak out your mind, sugarcoat the truth and remember, it’s not a job you are losing or the other person is not your boss yet. So you can afford to be honest and get away with it. Its better to be selected for what you are. Being selected for what you pretend to be turns out to be difficult later.


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