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Be true to your work, never hide and go straight with your strength and weakness(If asked for turning them beneficial for you) during interview.

2.50 avg. rating (61% score) - 2 votes


1)First round was a telephonic interview asking about basic work and how you execute things.

2)Second round comprised of Tech and HR , talking about working methodology and reason to switch from current job.

overall experience & Strategy:

It was a healthy and fruitful experience as I was aware of my work and job profile in new company.

Tips to follow:

Study about the company, assess your strength and work comparing current and new company profile.

Key skills:

1)Communication, work experience
2)Go through all market analysis and reviews from the pundits of your field.

 Motivation for applying :

Learning opportunities and salary hike.


2.50 avg. rating (61% score) - 2 votes