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Be calm and stay focused!

4.75 avg. rating (92% score) - 4 votes

Company: CSC
Profile: Software Developer
Salary: Rs. 3, 50,000 PA

Venue for the interview was Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology. There were 6 rounds.
• Written Test
• Extempore or GD
• Technical Interview
• HR Interview

1st Round was written test of aptitude: It was not so hard to crack. Questions were very easy one must need to focus on small details given in the questions to solve it. So I cleared it easily.

2nd Round was written test of Technical Domain: Questions were from basic programming skills, OOPS concept and database. A little tricky but it was a very good experience for me to clear this round.

3rd Round was extempore or GD: In my case it was extempore, it was nothing much but more of confidence testing of the candidates. Funny part was I chose to talk about Mangalyaan as a topic and in the whole process I said ‘mangalam’ instead of Mangalyaan.
When extempore was over, we were waiting for the results in between one of my classmates asked “What is mangalam?” and I replied “First Indian spaceship that has reached Mars this year!” and then everyone standing there were laughing, then I realized what a silly mistake I’ve just done!

4th Round was Technical Interview: I was conscious of my surroundings at that time I believe that is why I lost it there.
It was neither a good experience for me where I might have learned something nor a bad experience where I would be humiliated.
Strategy that I followed is to be calm and stay focused which I was not able to keep during technical interview as it was my first interview.
I recommend that just stay calm and try to keep focus on yourself. Don’t get distracted or nervous from people around you. They are just Humans!

4.75 avg. rating (92% score) - 4 votes