Babel Media India new associate software engineer placement experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jan 12, 2016

Company: Babel Media India

Profile: New Associate Software Engineer

Name: Shivam Jetly

“I had given the interview on Babel Media India its a Gaming Company and the role of mine is to test the games. The experience was great to be part of this interesting job. In the technical round they asked me some software testing related questions and luckily I cleared the round, after that they took for a machine test in which I have to play game and find as many bugs as possible and I found more then expected bugs, then only the next 31st March 2015 they call me and told that I have cleared the interview and got selected. That was really a great experience because this is my first job. Thanks to Babel Media India Pvt. Ltd. to give me an opportunity to my career. ”

“The company in which I am working is a gaming company: In the first round they asked me software Testing related questions.

They told me to write the test case on Telephone and I write it correctly.

After that they asked me some gaming related questions that I have played till now. I cleared the technical round. After that they took for a machine test in which I have to play the game and write as many bug as possible. “

The only strategy was to be honest and do not pretend to be over smart.

Tips to follow while appearing for each round or company :

  1. Be Prepared
  2. Be Honest
  3. Always wear a smile on your face.
  4. Be Nice.
  5. Do not need to be nervous.

They tested the software testing knowledge and gaming knowledge.

Recommended Books, Blog/ website, Video : “ This is the best website for gaining knowledge of Software testing.”

Courses or certification that will help in getting selected : Software Testing Course

Coaching / class room training you attended for the preparation : Croma Campus

After completing my graduation I only want to earn money rather than doing MCA from regular.

Funny/ best / weird / thrilling moments during the process: The Thrilling moment was when they took me for a machine test and give such a amazing game to test on that was really a great game. But I cannot reveal the game name.


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