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ATMECS Interview Experience Of A Developer (Fresher)

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jun 12, 2019

I attended my ATMECS interview in Chennai. It was an off-campus drive conducted through my college’s placement cell. I faced 3 rounds and sailed through them pretty smoothly without much ado. All the questions revolved around my resume and I was able to answer most of them. I was specifically asked why I did not mention all the details about my final year project and training on my resume. I quoted obvious reasons like space constraint and I also shared my Github link on the spot.

Summary of my ATMECS interview in Chennai

Following is a summary of my ATMECS interview.

Place: Chennai

Rounds: 3

Package: 3 LPA

Position: Developer (Fresher)

Result: I got selected to work for this company

First round of my ATMECS interview

It was an aptitude cum computer science knowledge test. I had to solve an entire questionnaire within an hour. All the questions were based on basic fundamentals like quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. Remaining questions were computer science questions with medium level complexity.

Second round of my ATMECS interview

It was a group discussion round. We were called in groups of 10 and were asked to speak on a topic – “Is dress code necessary for professional institutions?” We were given a preparation time of 2 minutes. Later, we were told that our ability to present our points would be considered, irrespective of grammatical errors.

Third round of my ATMECS interview

It was a technical round the interview lasted for about 45 minutes. My interviewer went through the resume in detail once again, following which he started asking me questions. Most of his questions circled around the skills I had mentioned in my resume and also on my internships.

I had prepared Linux noted properly as I had mentioned Linux and SQL as my primary skills. I was asked maximum questions from Linux. Except the interviewer’s last question, I answered all of them properly. I was also asked to write SQL queries to join tables.

Note: Be careful about the skills you mention.  Then it was about my willingness to join the company.

Pearls of wisdom for freshers to crack AMTECS interview

Prepare a high-quality and truthful resume. Try to justify every word of it to the interviewer. Only then you can fetch a decent opinion about yourself. Be expressive while answering and pitch your points or views strongly for all the questions you get asked.

You will be able to crack it easily! All the best. 🙂

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