Aptitude Test Sample Questions & Answers for Electrical Engineering

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Are you ready for your campus placement and other job interviews? If not, this is the right time to start preparing for the different types of questions that might be asked in the assessment tests conducted by various employers.

These tests have become a mandatory stage to qualify for the next round of a job interview either on-campus or off-campus. Therefore, start preparing now by taking our free assessment test sample questions and answers and gauge your understanding of your subject matter.

Here’s a list of different aptitude test sample questions and answers to help you prepare for key electrical engineering topics such as quantities & units, Ohm’s Law, energy & power, inductors, transformers, energy & power, voltage, current & resistance, and many more.

Remember, early preparation is the key to success.

Electrical Engineering Aptitude Test Questions and Answers


Q1. For a high speed circuit breaker, total clearing time is:

a) 5 to 20 cycles
b) 1 to 2 cycles
c) 1 minute
d) 15 seconds

answer: b

Explanation:No explanation required for this question.

Q2. What is the instantaneous difference if the instantaneous values of two alternating voltages are v1=60sinθ & v2=40sin(θ − π/3)?

a) 53 cos(40.9°) V
b) 53 sin(30.9°) V
c) 53 sin(40.9°) V
d) 53 cos(30.9°) V

answer: c

Explanation: Horizontal component os v1= 60V, Vertical component of v1=0V
Horizontal component of v2=40cos60=20V, Vertical component of v2=-20sin60=-34.64V
Resultant horizontal component=40V, Resultant vertical component= 34.64V
Resultant v= 53, tan(phi)=34.64/40, phi= 40.9
Therefore sum= 53 sin (40.9°) V.

Bonus Tip: Never stuck on any single question. You can return to solve it after attempting all other questions.

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Q3. What will be the turns ratio if a certain transformer has 400 turns in the primary winding and 2,000 turns in the secondary winding?

a) 5
b) 25
c) 2
d) 4

Answer: a

Explanation: Turns Ratio = N2/N1 , Therefore, N2/N1 = 2000/400 = 5

Q4. What will be the average RRRV if a short circuit test on a circuit breaker has the following readings on single frequency transients:

i) Time to reach the peak re striking voltage is 50μ sec
ii) The peak re striking voltage is 100 kV

a) 2*105kV/sec
b) 3*105kV/sec
c) 3*106kV/sec
d) 2*106kV/sec

Answer: d

Explanation:No explanation required for this question.

Bonus Tip: Divide your time to attempt all question or sections in the assessment test.

Q5. The current ratings are not required for:

a) Load break switch
b) Circuit breakers
c) Relays
d) Isolators

answer: d

Explanation:No explanation required for this question.

Q6. What is the measurement range of digital voltmeter?

a) 100 kV to 100MV
b) 1kV to 1MV
c) 1V to 1MV
d) 1V to 1kV

answer: c

Explanation: No explanation required for this question.

Q7. The pipes carrying the steam are made of?

a) Steel
b) Cobalt
c) Aluminium
d) Cast iron

answer: a

Explanation:No explanation required for this question.

Q8. A 320 μH coil is in series with a 3.3 k resistor. How long does it take for current to build up to its full value?

a) 48 s
b) 0.48 μs
c) 0.48 s
d) .48 ms

answer: b

Explanation: time constant T=(L/R)
To reach max current it will take apporx. 5T. Therefore, time= 5(320μ/3.3k) =0.48μs

Bonus Tip: practice as many aptitude tests prior to taking the real assessment test. It works.

Q9. Which of the following is the situation that can cause the inductance of an iron-core coil to decrease?

a) the iron core is removed
b) the number of turns is decreased
c) the length of the coil decreases
d) none of these

Answer: b

Explanation: No explanation required for this question.

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Q 10. What is the result of the multiplication:(6 × 103) (5 × 105)?

a) 3,000 × 107
b) 300 × 109
c) 30 × 108
d) 3 × 108

answer: c

Explanation: The logic is that numbers are multiplied & powers are added. Therefore, 6*5=30 & 10^3+5=8 so, 30*10^8.

Q11. A positive angle of 30° is equivalent to a negative angle of:

a) –330°
b) –180°
c) –30°
d) –60°

Answer: a

Explanation: No explanation required for this question.

Q 12. What is the impact on phase angle when the frequency of the voltage applied to a series RC circuit is increased?

a) remains the same
b) increases
c) becomes erratic
d) decreases

answer: d

Explanation: No explanation required for this question.

Q 13. When the frequency of the voltage applied to a series RC circuit is decreased, the impedance:

a) doubles
b) decreases
c) increases
d) remains the same

Answer: c

Explanation: No explanation required for this question.

Q 14. What is the number of kilowatts in 135 milliwatts?

a) 0135 kW
b) 35 × 10–4kW
c) 00135 kW
d) 135 × 10–3kW

Answer: b

Explanation: 135milliwatts=.135watts & 1kilowatts=1000watts
Therefore, 1 watt=.001kilowatts & .135watts in kilowatts=.135/1000 =1.35*10^-4

Q 15. What is the total inductance if three 15 mH inductors are in series?

a) 45 mH
b) 15 mH
c) 5 mH
d) 30 mH

Answer: a

Explanation: total inductance=L1+L2+L3 =15+15+15, Therefore, total inductance= 45 mH.

Hope this series of multiple choice questions has given you a fair idea about the type of questions you may face at the time of campus hiring or job interviews.

Keep learning & keep growing.

All the best!


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