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AppPerfect Campus Placement Experience

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

Company: AppPerfect

Profile: Software Engineer

Salary: 4.5 LPA

Place: Rajasthan

Number of Rounds: 3

Result: Selected

Application process


My TPO (Training and Placement Officer) applied on my behalf for this interview. Sir had clearly communicated that all the applicants should have scored at least 65% marks in 10th boards and 12th boards. Besides, he had also notified about the ‘no back paper’ rule. The company had very stringent guidelines as far as discipline during the assessment was concerned and he briefed us about the same.


Interview Rounds I faced


Technical Test

– This was the very first test. We were asked coding related questions in this round. This included ‘how to recursively remove all the continuous repeated characters or substrings from a given string till none is left?’ We had to answer on pen and paper and I was not permitted to use the internet for a solution.


Quick Tip:

Read and re-read all the questions before attempting any of them. Note down all the important points. Later, try and frame a solution in mind. Make sure to treat the compiler as a machine. Figure out all the steps in mind before jotting down the answer. Strategize and only the go ahead with your code. Submit your code first to get an edge over the others in all the further rounds.


Technical Interview(s)

– I tried to be as precise and clear as possible in this round. The questions asked to me were linked to the previous round.


Quick Tip:

While answering the interviewer, do not copy the code from your friend and other sources. You will be asked to explain in detail about how you did it and why you did it. In case you are all set to build a solution, choose an optimum one Your solution should be powerful enough to add complexity in the program and execute in very little time.


HR round

– In the HR round I was asked very generic questions. I tried to answer all of them with full confidence. None of the questions shot at me were difficult and anybody with self confidence can easily tackle them.


Round-wise descriptions in detail


Coding Test

– This was an easy round. I had to answer only one coding question along with a few test cases. Before starting the test, they ensured that none of us had mobile phones. The recruitment team of AppPerfect shut down our internet server. The complete test was hosted on the company’s internal server. It was a 3-hour test that commenced at 9:30 am and ended at 12:30 pm. I finished my paper in under 40 minutes and was the first one to submit the answer sheet. This made me the first candidate to be interviewed.

I followed the following simple steps to solve my question:

# Proof read the question twice.
# Forget the computer and try to solve the test cases mentally.
# Slow down and write each step to solve the question smoothly.
# Code the pseudo structure first.
# Try to solve it first. Speed matters.

Quick Tips:

Follow a strong coding strategy. Have good understanding of any one programming language. Read books and solve puzzles to be well versed in the methods and syntax used. Practice basic coding and programming questions. Do not neglect frequently asked coding questions in placement drives.

Technical & HR interview rounds

– All the shortlisted candidates were interviewed from 2:30 pm onwards on the same day. The rounds were hosted by 3 different interview panelists, individually. They asked logical questions from my resume. For instance, I was asked about my summer training in Hadoop technology, so they asked me questions on the same. I spoke about data processing in Hadoop, DevOps, Ansible, some Linux commands and so on. Some more resume related questions I answered covered basics like data structures and algorithms. Actually, I realized later that a good 60% of my interview was all about data structures!

Quick Tips: I followed a strong strategy for my interview.

# I researched about the company. You can do the same.
# I read as much as possible about their recent projects, history, establishment dates, founder history, journey, and so on. You must read all this too!
# Also, try to convince yourself about any one feature like facilities or exciting projects. This will motivate you.
# Inquire about hikes and salaries pertaining to fresher job profiles in the organization.

# A month before my interview, I prepared basic technical subjects like computer networks, data structures, data base, operating system.
# I read all previously asked questions in interviews for similar profiles on the internet. You can prepare from several websites like to do the same.
# Know where you lack and try to acquire knowledge in these topics.
# Practice logical question, puzzles, frequently asked HR interview questions and answers to outshine others.


Your resume is your personal branding

# The first thing that reaches an interviewer before you are your resume. A resume must demonstrate your skills and achievements in detail. It has to stand out from the rest. So, polish it immediately.
# A meticulously drafted resume should include all the important keywords, buzzwords and catch phrases relevant to the job posting. But do not overdo it.
# If your project was a teamwork, ensure thoroughness in every single aspect of the project. You should be clear about the logic applied in coding.

Remember that companies do not just want a coder, they want an allrounder with a fully groomed personality having good communication skills. Prepare accordingly so that you can fit into all the phases of SDLC. The more you know, the better but be confident about your point of view.

Interview questions I faced in the HR round and how I answered them

“Tell me something about yourself.”

I answered the same confidently. I spoke briefly about my educational background, family background, hobbies and aspirations. This was followed by some discussion about my college projects.

“Explain your code from the technical test.”

I described the logic I had used in detail to sound as convincing as possible. I tried to convince the interviewer that in the given amount of time, this was the only best possible method to arrive at the solution.

“Give programming logic for balancing of parenthesis.”

This was a tough question. I used the concept of stacking to solve the same. I am not sure if my logic was 100% correct, but I believe my approach was right.

“Give programming logic to check whether one tree is a mirror image of other.”

The logic I used checked if their root node’s key were the same. Also, the left subtree of root of ‘a’ and right subtree root of ‘b’ were mirrors. Also, I checked if the right subtree of ‘a’ and left subtree of ‘b’ are mirror.

“Give programming logic to check whether one string is rotation of other using substring () function exactly once.”

I first created a temp string and stored combined str1 and str2 in temp variable. If str2 is a substring of temp, str1 and str2 are rotations of each other.

“Give programming logic to delete a node from linked list given a pointer at the node to be deleted.”

I had practiced this puzzle earlier, so my solution was to copy the data from the next node to the node to be deleted. This was to delete the next node.

“Find out minimum element from an array with minimum complexity such that the array is of type – {4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3}.”

I used ‘for loop’ to solve this problem. My algorithm assumed the first element as minimum and then compared it with all other elements. If an element is small, it became the new minimum, and the process repeats till complete array gets scanned.

“What steps take place during processing of data stored in Hadoop?”

Collection, preparation, input, processing, output and interpretation, and storage.

“How can you perform a set of tasks on multiple systems such that these are parallel?”

Parallel processing is typically used to send smaller components of the same task. With the help of multiple parallel processes, it can be done in a parallel execution server. E.g. Running parallelism between SQL operations through queries like

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“How can server reduce the amount of data downloaded by client and how will client come to know about it?”

One process is auto archiving, which is used in outlook to reduce the size of mailbox client. I explained the same.

“What will happen if name node or any other node is down in Hadoop?”

A brand-new feature of Hadoop 2.0, called HDFS High availability can tackle the same. With it, one can configure the active name node and standby name node.

My learnings from this placement interview experience

# Before going for an interview, lock all your worries into a box and throw the keys away!
# Be relaxed and stay calm. No matter what you wear, it should be clean, ironed and decent.
# Listen to the question carefully before answering it.
# Don’t hesitate to ask cross questions if you find some data missing or inappropriate.
# If you are confused about a question, do not give up. Reattempt the answer.
# If you do not know an answer, politely say the truth. Otherwise one bluff can ruin your entire interview.
# Your interview panel knows very well that nobody is perfect.
# But if you know the topic don’t leave the question give it the best try you can and think of most wild solutions that could fit over there.
# Not every question asked in the interview has the sole purpose of being answered correctly but some questions are fired just to check the boundaries of interviewee’s mind and the approach took to solve it.
# As a fresher, you must analyze and express confidently.
# Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Hopefully my inputs will help you crack your AppPerfect placement interview confidently. But these tips are very generic and you can use these learnings to prepare for any fresher level-software engineer interview.

All the best!

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote
5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote

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