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All you need is Confidence, Way of Talking, Convincing Power and Knowledge

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Company: Mahindra First Choice Services Limited
Profile: Service Associate – Diploma
Salary: Rs.1,20,000 PA

Hi All, my name is Prakash Kumar Singh. I’m going on share my first campus interview.

There were 2 rounds- GD and Personal Interview. For GD round, I just went there and explained my views on given topic. For Personal Interview, I speak to Interviewer with confidence. I just gave him point to point reply.

The most Thrilling as well as Funny moment was the time just before the results as it was that time when most of us were talking about our faults and other Strong points. My strategy is ‘To Be calm and listen to the interviewer and then reply’.

My Tips: If you are appearing for a GD then, first of all try to speak as much as possible and make the interviewer notice ‘you’.  And in case of a PI just talk to the interviewer. Sometimes the Interviewer doesn’t care whether you know the answer to his/her questions or not. He/She just want to see whether you’re confidant or not.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes