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Adani Interview Experience

3.33 avg. rating (71% score) - 3 votes

Company: Adani
Profile: GTP
Salary: 3 LPA while training

There were 3 Rounds of interviews- Skill Assessment, IQ/General Knowledge Test, Personality Check & I must say they were Easy, even though I expected it to be difficult. They started with some basic questions some from my core field & some from my personal life:

Few were from core like –
1) Working principle of hot air oven
2) Questions from HACCP
3) Difference between fat and oil and major reason behind spoilage of oil
4) How that spoilage can be prevented

HR questions were like –

1) Tell me your strategy behind winning a cricket match
2} your weak n strong points
3) Do u have a GF?

According to me, when appearing for an interview of core sector you need to have your basics clear. ADANI HR himself said that they look for the will, knowledge and training they can provide but you must have that will to gain that ..

3.33 avg. rating (71% score) - 3 votes