Accenture associate software engineer placement experience 12

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jan 05, 2016

Company: Accenture

Profile: Associate Software Engineer

Interview Date: Nov 2015

Name: Satish Kumar


There were three round of interview.

1.First Round is just a technical Test

2.2nd Round Technical Interview

3.3rd Round Hr Round that is related to the company policy.


Overall Experience “1.In first round I just focused on Attempting the Question and tried my level best.

2.and in the second round in answered almost all questions with full of confident.

3.HR told me about actual CTC and company polices and he left the discussion on me weather I’ll join or not   ”

Tips to follow while appearing for each round or company : Be confident and tried your level best to answer each question and if you don’t know the answer of any question then say no without loosing your confident.

Key skills : Your confidence and explaining skills.

Recommended Books, Blog/ website, Video : Interview video on you-tube powered by let’s talk

Courses or certification that will help in getting selected : PHP from Naresh IT Hderabad

Coaching / class room training you attended for the preparation ? Naresh IT in hyderabad

Your motivation for applying ? My Environment

Funny/ best / weird / thrilling moments during the process: While having the technical interview I tried to give a answer of a question but to be honest I never have any idea of answer before that day but on that moment I was succeeded to convince him and weird thing that after having the interview when I checked it out it was right.


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