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Accenture Interview Questions Asked During a Campus Selection Drive

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accenture interview question tips

Accenture job profile details in brief for a fresh jobseeker

Company: Accenture

Profile: Associate Software Engineer

Salary: 3.5 LPA

Place: Vivekanand Education Society

Number of rounds: 2

Result: I got selected in this company

Interview process conducted with Accenture interview questions asked, in detail

My very first round was an aptitude test which is a usual at most placement drive tests. In order to prepare for these Accenture interview questions which were asked to me in the first round, I practiced several available mock tests on Google. You can also read previous year Accenture interview experiences. Firstnaukri has a very useful dump that proved helpful to me. The test was an adaptive one. That means, if an answer is correct, then the next question would be difficult and if it is wrong, the next question in the paper would seem easy. If you have appeared for or prepared for GRE, you will be comfortable in this question paper pattern.

For that matter, switching between different sections is not recommended in such a test as you will not be able to come back to a question that you have previously skipped. Time is crucial so divide your time intelligently during the written

Focus on making it into the qualified candidates’ list. For that, you have to solve as many questions perfectly as possible to get shortlisted. You can start practicing by appearing for online assessment tests relates to Accenture interview questions. This is a good way to evaluate yourself. Most importantly, try to solve as many verbal ability questions as possible.

Accenture Interview Questions

Accenture interview questions I faced in the campus drive

There were about 8 to 10 interviewing panels. Interviewers in each panel may ask Technical or common HR Interview Questions.
## First of all they asked, “Tell me about yourself”. Your answer will give them clues to decide upon the next questions! Answer intelligently and do not bluff. Make a mental list of all your skills, key projects, internships and accolades. Then start speaking. I would advice you to rehearse in advance to sound confident.
## While answering this Accenture interview question or any other HR or technical interview question in your Accenture interview, please do not fumble. Maintain a solid eye contact with your interviewer. If they ask you a complicated question and you feel lost, decline the question politely saying, “Sorry, I do not know the answer to this question.”
## Before your Accenture interview, read up about the company. It is always crucial to acquire important information pertaining to the company’s business, products, services and senior management. This knowledge will give you confidence to face the discussion.

Secrets of getting selected in Accenture placement interview during a campus drive

The interview is conducted in groups of 5 students. It is your one and only chance to outshine the rest and dominate the remaining 4. All your answers should be a notch above the rest. Every interviewing panel at Accenture picks 3 to 4 students from every group. In case you are not good enough, chances are high that you will get dropped.

Questions faced in the First Round – Written Aptitude test

Following were the sections covered in my first written round in Accenture interview.
## Quantitative
## Logical
## Analytical
## Verbal Aptitude Questions

Questions faced in the Second Round – Personal Interview

Following were the questions I faces in the personal interview round at Accenture.
## Tell me about yourself.
## Why did you choose engineering over medical science or any other field?
## Have you done any certifications?
## Write some basic SQL Queries on this paper.
## Are you ready for relocation?
## What you do in your free time?
## What are the core values of Accenture.
## What was your BE/B. Tech project work about?

Tips to crack Accenture Interview

## In order to crack the first round, solve RS Agarwal Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning books cover to cover, that’s it!
## In order to crack the second round, speak in fluent English and stay to the point. The idea is to stay relevant, be confident and articulate answers clearly.
## Prepare your resume well because most of the questions asked were from my resume. If possible, refer a resume format for freshers to prepare an impactful CV prior to your Accenture job interview.

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3.00 avg. rating (68% score) - 2 votes