Accenture associate software engineer placement experience 11

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jan 13, 2016

Company: Accenture

Profile: Associate Software Engineer

Salary: 2 lacs

Interview Date: Nov 2014

Name: Abhay Singh Chauhan

I got selected in this company. Be greater in efforts than what you dream of. There were two rounds of interview.

“I faced two rounds. They were :

1.) Technical Round : In this very round i was asked basic technical questions related to programming. The interviewer asked me about my favorite subject and the technology on which I had the best command. I told him that since I had studied various languages such as Java,C,Visual Basic,HTML ,so i had the knowledge of all of them but i was not an expert in any of these. He asked me to write the logics of a few situations that he gave me. I wrote the logic and the round ended with a smile.

2.) Human Resource Round : The HR round went very well for me. As soon as I went in, the interviewer gave me ten aptitude questions to solve. I solved them. Then he started to ask me question about my family, education, hobbies and what I did in my pastime. At last he asked me what I liked the most about my city and what various steps can be taken to improve the tourism of the same. It was quite a fun round as I never came to knew when half and a hour passed.”

The overall experience was quite good. Since it was my first interview I was quite excited about it and at the same time I was bit nervous too. First of all the documentation was done. Then came the first round i.e The Technical round. I took a deep breath and went inside. The interviewer welcomed me with a smile, it certainly boosted my confidence. Then he asked me certain questions regarding programming. It went well. The same happened with the HR round. The interviewer was again quite amiable and at every point he whenever i gave an answer he smiled at me. I had brushed up all what I had studied in my graduation. All I did during my interview was that I answered them with full honesty. At no point of time i tried to be fake. I kept my weaknesses and strengths both in front of them and even assured how i can overcome them.

“In technical round: Don’t beat around the bush, Be clear and to the point.

In HR round : Don’t try to fool them, be what you are.

And overall keep faith in yourself and never let your confidence down.”

Key skills tested in the process: Basic programming knowledge and whatsoever studied in graduation.

Recommended Books, Blog/ website, Video “”

Courses or certification that will help in getting selected: I had no extra certification.

Coaching / class room training you attended for the preparation ? I had taken no coaching.

Your motivation for applying ? I needed a job in big company and working for Accenture was really a dream come true.

Funny/ best / weird / thrilling moments during the process: When the interviewer asked about my education gap and I tried to explain him it turned in to be a funny situation.


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