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All You Need to Know About Online Aptitude Tests

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online aptitude test

Aptitude tests play a very important role in any campus placement drive. Almost all companies that visit campuses for hiring freshers assess candidates based on aptitude tests and then proceed with the rest of the rounds such as the group discussion and personal interview. Therefore, scoring well in the aptitude test is extremely important to leave a great first impression on the employers. Generally, these tests are held online before the campus placement, which is why they are called online aptitude tests.

Learn how to prepare for an aptitude test during campus placements.

Here, we will talk about different types of online aptitude tests and their purpose. Before that, let us first understand:

What is an Aptitude Test?
An aptitude test is a type of an assessment technique that helps evaluate the ability, talent, and/ or potential of a candidate in performing a certain task, without him/her having any prior knowledge or training related to the field.

Why Employers Take Online Aptitude Tests?
Whenever a company visits a campus, generally the entire batch appears for the campus placement drive, including those who already have job offers with a hope that a better offer may come to them. Therefore, online aptitude tests are used to screen potential job applicants as a way to understand each of them even before the job interview. This helps the employers to judge how well their candidates’ knowledge, skills, and personalities align with the jobs they want to hire for.

How can Online Aptitude Tests help in Career Selection?
Before you sit for the campus placements and solve an aptitude test given by a company, make sure to practice by taking sample online aptitude tests. Not only will your performance on the ‘the’ day will be great but will also help you choose the right career on the basis of your skills, knowledge, and personality.

Even if you have narrowed down to a particular industry that you wish to work in, there are numerous roles to choose from. Knowing what you are good at will further narrow down your list to a few specific job roles with an assurance that you will certainly shine in them.

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Types of Online Aptitude Tests

There are numerous kinds of online aptitude tests; each available with the purpose of revealing a different yet specific aspect of a person’s personality. While the names, approach, and types of questions for such tests may be different, but they all are great for determining what career you are fit for. However, for campus placement preparations, you need to master the following three types of online aptitude tests:

1. Quantitative Aptitude Test – A quantitative aptitude test is used to measure the numerical ability and problem-solving skills of the candidates.

2. Logical/Analytical Reasoning Test – The aim of logical/analytical reasoning tests is to evaluate the deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and problem-solving skills in the candidates. In simple words, these tests basically evaluate the critical thinking in the candidates by how they interpret number sequences, patterns, or the relationships between shapes.

3. Verbal Ability Test – Verbal ability tests are designed to evaluate the English language skills as well as the overall intelligence, judgment and business acumen in the candidates. The questions may include anything from grammar exercise to verbal analogies, spellings, sentence completion, and comprehension and usually require the candidates to follow detailed written instructions.

Online aptitude tests are crucial for landing your first job. Prepare well to ace them and practice as much as possible.

All the best for your campus placement!

4.50 avg. rating (88% score) - 4 votes