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6 Tips to Write a Persuasive CV for Your Job Search

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Are you not getting any positive response from recruiters even after applying to several jobs? Don’t worry, all you need is to make your resume a bit more persuasive for a successful job search!

It can be disheartening when you don’t receive any response from hiring managers. However, you need to understand where you lack so that the issue can be resolved. Your resume is the first point of contact with recruiters and therefore, it is vital to make it professional as well as impressive to grab recruiters’ attention.

Here are some useful resume tips that will help you boost your CV:

1.      Focus on adding facts

Recruiters are not only interested in understanding what you have done but also what you are capable of doing. This can be proved by highlighting your achievements, specialized skills, and learning that can be utilized in the new role. Therefore, keep your focus on adding facts and demonstrate them wherever possible to add value to your resume.

If you have some work experience, mention how you helped your previous company in achieving business targets. As freshers, you can highlight your key skills developed during your college and internship programs. Don’t forget to mention any certification course you have completed and how it will help you in the job you are applying for now.

2.      Customize your resume

Sending the same one format for every job opening and recruiter is one of the common mistakes job seekers commit. Each employer has different requirements and selection criteria for an open position, and therefore, you should always tweak your resume as per the job description shared by hiring managers.

One of the interesting ways to do it is by reading thoroughly the job description and adding keywords in your resume to match the job requirements. The idea of customizing your resume is to add or remove information that is not relevant for the hiring manager.

3. Keep it short

Many job seekers believe the more the number of pages added in their resume; the more it becomes relevant for employers. However, this is the wrong approach, and hiring managers look for quality and not quantity.

Therefore, cut down on the length of your CV and keep it not more than two pages. This will help you to add only relevant information, make it short, punchy, and focused.

4. Ditch the overused buzzwords

Recruiters are experienced people and daily come across numerous CVs written in the same style. Therefore, you need to stand out by avoiding the overused buzzwords that have no meaning to hiring managers such as- “I’m a quick learner” or “I’m honest and give 100% to my work”.  

Instead, focus on highlighting your skills and knowledge that makes you a potential candidate for the job role.

5. Make your CV readable

Whatever good points you add in your resume, nothing helps if it is not readable to a hiring manager. This is where the importance of formatting your resume properly comes.

Organize your CV in a professional format and break up information in bullet points so that it is easily readable at a quick glance. Also, choose a simple design and CV layout that gives a professional look. You can easily create a professional CV with the help of Firstnaukri free online CV builder tool in few seconds.

6. Create a separate section for skills

One of the easiest ways to persuade a hiring manager and shortlist you is by highlighting the key skills that make you a perfect job applicant. Therefore, it is vital to create and highlight a separate section for your skills -both hard and soft skills.

Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and flexibility are important for employers and should be supported with quick instances where and how you demonstrated them in your previous job or college. Similarly, mentioning hard skills such as project management, coding, or any specific technical skill you have recently developed can help you earn brownie points from hiring managers.

Use these quick tips to write a winning resume and stay ahead of your job search.

All the best!

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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