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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid to Have a Perfect Resume

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Wondering why your resume isn’t getting you any interviews? Well, one reason can be an inept resume. Here, we bring you some of the most common mistakes job seekers usually make in their resumes that can be extremely damaging.

Consider your resume not only as the biggest tool that you have for a successful job search, but also as your first point of contact that you make with recruiters. Don’t let that first impression get ruined because of some mistake that can be amended easily. That’s how you get an interview – and then once you have it in place, you are likely to step closer towards the ultimate objective i.e, a job.

  1. A lengthy resume: Freshers generally try to create lengthy resume and in an effort to do the same, they usually end up adding irrelevant details. The average recruiter spends six seconds on your resume. Therefore, your resume should only focus on what makes you the right candidate for the given job. Add about your educational qualification, internship details, percentage scored, professional skills, extra-curricular activities and any volunteership (optional). For a fresher one page CV is good. If you cannot restrict it to one page, two pages are more than enough.
  • Grammatical errors: This is a total disqualifier for recruiters and may hurt your interview prospects. Always revise the resume after creating it. This will help you proofread it. In case you have sent the resume with errors, you can resend it. While you do so, just apologize for whatever mistake you made instead of giving any excuse. Prepare yourself to not get this particular job.
  • Typos: Recruiters have a zero-tolerance approach to typos and this also puts a big question mark on the person’s attention to detail and gives a wrong impression even if you have the desired skills and experience. Also this may make you come across as a non-serious job seeker. Be very careful while writing your resume. In fact, MS Word itself points out any typo. You just have to correct it.
  • Adding irrelevant details: Stick to the kind of the job you are applying to.  Example:  The job wants you to be an excellent communicator, outgoing, and good at meeting deadlines whereas your resume just talk about your coding skills and numerical abilities. This is going to create a huge disconnect for the recruiters, as your resume does not match to what they are looking for. Read the job description thoroughly and see if you match the qualities and skills that they want. If yes, tailor your resume accordingly.
  • Poor formatting: This can turn off any recruiter as it makes your information and details difficult to go through. In case you find it tough to format your resume as per the guidelines, you may check the numerous resume templates available online. Use them, you can rarely go wrong with formatting then. They look professional too.

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4.75 avg. rating (92% score) - 4 votes