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15 Best Questions To Ask In An Interview For Freshers

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Posted by FirstNaukri May 24, 2019

As a fresher, you should gear up to choose some best questions to ask your interviewer. Before you prepare a list, here’s a guide to help you with top interview follow-up questions. We are about to uncover all the secrets behind what an interviewer expects when they ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” Then we will move on to prepare some common interview questions and most importantly the questions you should ask an interviewer. Also below is a list of questions to ask in an interview for freshers.

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Here are top questions to ask in an interview for freshers

At the end of your interview, every fresher gets an opportunity to ask questions to the interviewer. This is your golden chance to assess the interviewer and clear your doubts too. Do not worry about appearing impertinent.

💡 Quick tip: Limit yourself to three questions only. Also, aim for questions to ask in an interview that are less obvious and highly relevant.

Prepare a list of questions to ask in an interview in advance

  • 1 What’s the next step in your hiring process?
  • 2 What happens during the graduate training scheme?
  • 3 Can a fresher take up role-specific external training courses?
  • 4 What am I expected to accomplish in the first month/quarter of the job?
  • 5 Will I get a mentor or can I shadow an employee initially?
  • 6 What is the key to succeeding in this job role?
  • 7 What will be my primary responsibilities in this position, if at all I get hired?
  • 8 What would my day-to-day routine be like?
  • 9 What kind of hours are expected for me to perform the role at maximum capacity? Am I expected to travel as well?
  • 10 Could you tell me a little bit about the person who preceded me in this role?
  • 11 Could you tell me a little about the team I would be working in?
  • 12 Could you tell me a little about the person I would be reporting into?
  • 13 What is the on-boarding process like for freshers?
  • 14 If I were hired for the position, what would be the ideal job responsibilities?
  • 15 Would the responsibilities for this role change in the near future?

These are 15 questions to ask in an interview which you may jot down and practice in advance to excel.

unique interview questions to ask employer

💡 Quick tip: Also, respect the time of other candidates and the interviewer. They might also have some questions to ask in an interview, like you.

Always remember that interviews aren’t just about answering to questions. They are also about asking the right questions. If a fresher like you would come prepared with interesting questions to ask in an interview, an interviewer would for sure feel energized and engaged. As a person, you would then be able to add some value to the meeting.

Decide on a few questions to ask in an interview that make sense for the role that you are applying for. These questions should highlight your skills and experiences. Do not forget to adapt your questions to fit a job position.

Expert opinion on perfect questions to ask at an interview

We would recommend you to prepare five questions and ask at least three during your interview. We think that as a potential interviewee, you have every right to ask questions, so prepare in advance. It is also a chance for you to willingly participate in a healthy conversation and not just participate in the evaluation. 

What not to do while asking questions to your interviewer

Assess the interviewer as much as they assess you. Come prepared with these pointers before you go ahead with your list of questions to ask in an interview.

❌ Do not ask direct questions to appear impertinent.

❌ Do not ask more than three questions.

❌ Do not ask obvious questions.

❌ Don’t go on and on.

❌ Don’t ask questions while leaving or while standing up.

❌ Don’t ask questions that revolve around how you benefit from taking the job.

❌ Do not end up answering part of your question as you ask it. There is no need to be polite and politically correct all the time.

What not to do while asking questions to your interviewer

✅Have two or three interesting and intelligent questions. This will show you are interested in the job and want to know more about the work culture.

✅If you do not have any questions at all, and feel all your questions were discussed during the discussion, say so. Explain what you wanted to know and how you got to know.

✅Preparing questions in advance will show that you willingly researched the company and role. This will add more brownie points to your profile.

✅ Keep your questions concise and specific.

✅ Ensure your questions do not get answers with just a ‘YES’. Add some depth to your questions.

More interview guidance for freshers

While you are preparing answers for specific interview questions, you need to arm yourself with a professional resume format. Here’s what you can do to come up with a decent resume template.

  1. Pick a professional template best-suited for a fresher job you are targeting.
  2. Get expert resume tips from Firstnaukri’s Career Guidance desk.
  3. Edit and download your resume in minutes to use during your first job interview.

Once you are done building your fresher resume, proceed with your interview preparation and arm yourself with questions for the interviewer like a pro! All the best.

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