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10 Tips for a Successful Remote Job Interview

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skills for remote job interview tips

The coronavirus pandemic is gripping countries across the globe, and only some industries are somewhat unscathed by the COVID-19 pandemic’s consequences. This is currently having visible implications on the workforce and also on the recruitment processes, especially those concerning freshers. In this regard, a few companies have frozen their hiring cycle till the time economic impact of coronavirus is minimal, while some other organizations are still recruiting freshers to fill open roles and also to avoid business slowdown.

Funnily, the global pandemic due to COVID-19 has also increased hiring across professions related to infectious diseases. Also, there has been a surge in demand for jobs in sectors like healthcare, biotech and pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, companies are now coming up with innovative recruitment process like e-joining, e-relieving etc. amid social distancing protocols and work from home policies. Some companies have made a 100% adoption of novel interviewing and meeting methods through skype, telephonic and video conference calls. This is an attempt to ensure business continuity during such uncertain times as well as to avoid the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on business.

Some tech giants across the globe have formally announced in the media that online job interviews are the future, until the corona outbreak gets curbed. On the other hand, download numbers of video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Slack, MS Teams have shot up considerably since January.

10 advices for fresher candidates for a remote job interview

Remote job interview tips

Remote job interview tips





1 Test your tech equipment

Now that you are done creating a fresher resume and writing a cover letter, its time to prep for the next step. (Have you tried the Firstnaukri resume maker yet? It is a free and reliable way to create a perfect resume.) You have received an interview call for a remote position. Remote job interviews are not different from in-person interviews. The company simply wants to figure out if you are the best fit as a candidate for the job opening. And, of course, you want to know if this company is best for you. To start, ensure your internet connection and video conferencing program/app are working fine prior to your interview.

2 Use a high-quality webcam and microphone.

This is not as important as your qualification, but a low-quality microphone or webcam during a remote job interview might hurt your chances for the job. Just imagine how it would feel if you were not audible for the entire duration of the interview! That would be a disaster!

Similarly, a lousy webcam might show that you are not interested to get hired! Interviewers want to see and hear you clearly and easily.

3 Look at the right place.

Once you are done with testing your equipment, test yourself. Experiment with placement of laptop or webcam to get the best angle. If it is a cam it should be at the top center of your screen. If it is a laptop with a built-in webcam, keep your laptop on your desk. Place a few books underneath the laptop to elevate the webcam at your eye level or higher.

4 Dress appropriately

Dress for success. It is no less important on a remote or online interview. Dress smartly, like you would for an in-person interview, and ensure your surroundings are tidy.

5 Take care of the little things.

Anticipate problems and try to eliminate them before they occur. For a remote interview, close unnecessary software on the computer. Turn off notifications. Keep the laptop or machine or device fully charged. Or, conduct the interview while it’s plugged into a power source. If that’s not an option, make sure you have backup batteries on hand in case the interview goes long. Ensure no pets or children can interrupt your conversation.

6 Be prepared

Do your homework just as you would for any other face-to-face interview. Rehearse your responses to key interview questions. Also, prepare your own questions for the interviewer.

7 Be personable

Make eye-contact. Smile as often as possible. Engage with your interviewer cordially to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role.

8 Remove distractions

Ensure you’re fully engaged with the interviewer. Get rid of all distractions like your smartphone, TV, radio etc. Close the door to the room you are sitting in and lock it from inside. Notify friends and family in advance about the interview.

9 Have your resume handy.

Keep a hard copy of your resume handy. It would not be advisable to have your eyes dart back and forth between multiple screens. Your attention should be totally on the interviewer. Else you would keep clicking back and forth between tabs. This will pave way for more technical difficulties. A paper backup will come in very handy. The same thing goes for old fashioned paper and pens for note-taking. There will be no clicking sounds or technical issues as you write.

10 Follow-up with your interviewer

Once the interview is done, send a follow-up mail to your HR contact or hiring manager. Also, thank them for their time on the mail, while you ask for a feedback.

As we can see already, migration into video conferencing is not unprecedented. There has anyway been a general upsurge in video interviews over the past few years, given the technological advancement and geographically distributed office locations. Remote hiring was already on the rise and the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated it’s adoption.

This is not a new era of hiring managers or interview candidates. The processes remain the same, for example, an in person interview will still happen one-on-one, only that it will take place over a virtual screening process. Its upto fresher jobseekers to convey themselves the best while companies screen them online.

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